Wild Young Minds: Back to London Baby part 2

Friday, April 18, 2014

Back to London Baby part 2

Alrighty, where were we? Sunday mornings in London, I guess. Our main goal for this day was shopping in Camden Town. This town is most famous for its huge market, with foods stalls from all over the world (we bought falafel of course) and vintage clothing stalls. But this isn't all that Camden has to offer, it is also the place where Amy Winehouse used to live. Not that you really notice anything about that fact - except for all of the paintings of her on walls - but the idea is awesome, isn't it?
Anyway, since we got up really early (don't know why that happened?), we decided it was still a bit too early to go to Camden already. Thank god for all the other great areas in London, so we didn't need a lot of time to think about another place. Let's get back to Notting Hill! We didn't go to the famous bookshop where Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts met. Not only because I hate Julia Roberts - I know, everyone loves her... Well, I don't. - but also because we simply wanted to do other things.
Like, drinking coffee. We ran into a cute little French coffee place, which already seemed heavenly because all of the sweet & sugary stuff, but which turned out even better because of the men working there! One in particular, a French guy with beard and hair bun. He liked us too, I assume, cause when we were sitting on the tiny terrace with our faces towards the sun, he made a picture of us. Wild story, right?
After the shots of caffeine, we headed towards Portobello Road, the street with all the coloured houses. There's a daily market over there, but we already figured the Camden market would be better and cheaper, so we didn't buy anything. Made some photos though and continued the trip to Camden. Which was fabulous as expected. We bought a few books at the book store, sniffled the smell of all the food (seriously, they had everything: chicken, fish, falafel, you name it, they got it) and bought some vintage bargains. 

We were pretty lucky this weekend, since the weather in London was better than in Amsterdam. Quite surprisingly, since London is known as the foggy town. But no, 18 degrees and a warm sun, so we found ourselves a spot on the grass in Hyde Park, where we read our books and listened to music. After a while we - mostly I, as always - felt restless again and so we walked a bit more and started looking for a nice place to eat. We thought Camden would do well, but that wasn't such a good idea. Everything was closed or sold only burgers, but finally we found an Italian restaurant, where we ate delicious pasta and - more importantly - drank glorious cocktails.
In the evening we had promised to meet our hosts at Covent Garden. They wanted to go to a bartender contest in a club somewhere, and we figured it would be nice to join them. The contest was kind of lousy, if you ask me, since there were only girls participating and it was obvious from the beginning who was going to win. Fortunately, the music was fun and drinks were free, so we had a great time anyway. I get told I look like Cara (Delevingne, the super model) a lot, but this time it got really annoying. One guy, who was probably obsessed with her, kept asking me if I did extra effort to look like her and if I was a lesbian as well (yes, of course, cause you always are actually like the person who happens to have the same eyebrows!). In the end, he understood I was a different person and we continued our amusing night.
That night ended in a bumpy bus ride for free, a short taxi ride and lentil soup on the couch. The next day we had to catch our flight back to Holland, so we said goodbye to our hosts - after giving them stroopwafels and chocolate sprinkles - and that's how our first experience of couchsurfing ended. I recommend it to everyone!

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