Wild Young Minds: Johnny & Kate in their days of glory

Friday, September 26, 2014

Johnny & Kate in their days of glory

Coincidentally, I came across four photos of the most charming couple in history: Johnny Depp and Kate Moss. I have to admit, I found the last two while being so blown away by the first two, so that helped a bit as well. Anyway, Johnny & Kate are two of those people you envy and adore at the same time. They're succesful, good-looking and - at least, they were - madly in love. Easy to understand why you'd envy two of these geniuses. 

Oddly enough, they have a completely different effect on me. I wouldn't say I'd become jealous, I honestly think these two people should get back together (who cares about the reason why they broke up? who cares about their current relationships?) cause they are a feast for the eye. Especially on these photos, which are pretty rare actually. Johnny Depp is the essence of cool and so is Kate Moss. They always look like they don't care, almost arrogant. On these photos they seem so happy, honest and humble. I like the one with Johnny Cash & June Carter best. Look at that boss-look on Cash' face and the admiration in Johnny's glance. A matter of tremendous timing, I'd say! 

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