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Monday, September 1, 2014

Summer's Over

Well okay, technically summer isn't over. It's just starting again in Amsterdam. It's been so bloody cold and rainy recently, but today the sun reappeared on the Dutch skies. As for my freedom, it's been lessened, since university is starting again tomorrow.

Time really flew this summer. Since I decided not to go to Israel - and had the feeling my summer would be dead boring this year - I've been busy almost every day. It was mostly work that occupied me, but festivals, parties and couchsurfers as well. Anyway, that fun may not be over, but fact is that the books are back!
Am I sorry for it? Not that much, to be honest. Yes, the obligations will be paying off, in a few weeks I will be stressed and depressed again, but on the other hand, I love to learn, I love to read and I love to be busy. A nerd is what you might call me, but a proud nerd is what I am.

That also has something to do with my courses. Few people would deny their coolness, seriously. I mean, 'American History', 'Music & Psychology' and 'What is Creativity?' Can't wait to find out what they imply :)
The downside is that I already know I won't be having a lot of time, since I will also be working a lot, working on my portfolio and planning to spend more time relaxing - as in: read more, buy more records and cook more. With whom, that's the question, but myself is good company as well. What's the downside, you might wonder.

The downside is that I already know I won't be posting as much as a year - or two - ago. You might have been used to it the past few months, but I just wanted to excuse myself, before you begin to hate me! Okay overreacting now, but I do want everyone to know I love to keep my blog up to date and will be putting all the effort in it I can - even though that might not always work out the way I want it. But a cool Paris post is coming up, so even if you've lost track of my blog because of the few posts, keep an eye on it this week! 
Good luck on your new year as well and may everyone have a splendid September. Cheers!

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