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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Tip: Lovers & Drifters Club

Right, maybe it isn't the usual thing to recommend someone else's site on your own blog, but hey, I don't do competition when it comes to my own blog because 1) I am aware of the fact that I don't have 10000 followers - so thank you all, my devoted readers! - and so I'm not really in the game, 2) I think blogs are meant for inspiration, not for the number of views per day and 3) the one I'm going to tell you about is absolutely freaking fantastic.
So, Lovers & Drifters Club is not a real club. Not an exclusive one, at least. I think you can see it as a sort of club, since its members are all dreamers, believers, sinners and adventure seekers. If you feel a certain connection, I'm pretty sure you can call yourself a member. I'm a devoted member, for that matter. Anyway, the concept was created by one - or a few - ambitious young creative(s). 
Lovers & Drifters Club is a label, mostly known for their fabulous shag jackets. The shag jacket is actually the reason I became aware of this great brand. I was shooting for June T, a new jewellery brand, and I had to wear a yellow version of the shag jacket. It's definitely one of the coolest things I've worn during a shoot, so you can understand I had to know more about the brand. As I was doing research, I found out that they're also the best inspiration site you can possibly find on the internet.
I have to admit, inspiration is a personal thing, so it's quite possible that you don't like it at all. But if you feel anything for freedom, road trippin' and rock 'n roll, you're on the right track. Since I'm not a big tumblr fan - have never used it and am not planning to start - but do need my portion of pretty pictures a day, I follow their instagram and stalk their website.
Anyways, it took me a little longer than I thought, but here's my message: check out Lovers & Drifters Club and even if you don't want to join, take it all in and breath it out ;)

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