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Monday, August 30, 2010


50 & Fabulous

50 years ago my dad was born.
He was born in a small place nearby our home, Drunen. My dad was extremely good at chess, I think he still is, but he doesn't do it very often anymore. He was a champion at the seniors when he was a little kid. When my dad finished his high school, he went to the university in Utrecht and studied history. I'm skipping loads and loads of information haha time goes fast. Anyway, he met my mom in Utrecht, they had the same room. How sweet, right? My dad turned out to be a journalist/historian/writer (yes yes, he has written a lot of books)/teacher at the VU in Amsterdam and he knows most about advertisement and especially the history of it, in our country. Infact, he's promoting on the subject next few years. He has been on the journal a few times and in other Dutch tv programs. Funny, right?

Well, I just want to tell this about my dad, I love him and I wish him a happy 50th anniversary! The two hours left than, I mean.

And here's my dad's favourite singer:

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