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Monday, January 17, 2011

Blue monday

No, not the name of another jeans brand (figured blue is a jeans colour and Cheap Monday one of my favourite brands) but the name of this day.
Yes, this day: 17 january 2011.
So if you were wondering why you were feeling so depressed, down or sad today, stop torturing yourself cause here's why: Today has been pronounced as the most depressive day of the year.The reasons:
It's the third monday of the year, so most of us have probably found out their good resolutions are failing, it's still dark outside and it's gonna take ages before the next vacation begins.

But stop worrying! I wouldn't tell you this just to make you feel even worse (though that's one of my specialities, as people who know me will know, haha!) No seriously, this whole day sounds a bit odd to me, it reminds me of the song 'I don't like mondays' of The Boomtown Rats, about a girl who decided she didn't like mondays, so she fired at children playing in a school playground in California on 29 January 1979. Why? Oh, just because she didn't like mondays...
Anyway, since I've been planning my vacation today (haven't made any final decision, I'll let you know!) I saw some sunny & peaceful photos and it made me look forward to summer all over again.

The best remedy against a blue monday I guess.

Hope it works out the same way for you too ;)

Lots of love, darlings.

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