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Friday, January 14, 2011

The city sleeps...

They may say New York is the city that never sleeps, but whatever Frankie once pronounced in his famous song - the capital of the world has actually fallen asleep in this exhibition. New York Sleeps: a new exhibition of photographs by Christopher Thomas was opened at the Wapping Project Bankside in London yesterday.

Though New York is one of the most alive cities in the entire world, the photos of this exhibition are pretty wonderful. Almost a bit magical, imaginative - the greatness of the buildings - like the magnificent Brooklyn Bridge - is even greater now that there aren't millions of people around. The city has a certain vibe; as if it's quiet before a storm is going to start a few minutes after these shots were taken.

I really wonder how these photos were made. Is it real? And what if it is real, did they made sure no one was able to pass? Or can the city really be asleep at night? I can't imagine the last thing's true. There always seems to be something going on in NYC. A gala in the MET, a students' party in Brooklyn. Or have I been watching too much Gossip Girl? ;)

Anyway, I would love to visit this exhibition. A few days in London, shopping on Oxford Street, sitting in Central Park, drinking coffee and eating carrot cake. If I were a little rich girl, I'd know what I'd do... I'd go straight to this exhibition - oh no, wait I would go to New York and go there in the early morning and see it myself. I'm sorry- just my imagination ;)

Wonderful photographs, but New York isn't New York if it was sleeping!

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