Wild Young Minds: Modelcamp

Thursday, June 9, 2011


Though I actually wanted to wait till I received a few more pictures from Modelcamp, I realized it can take a while (few weeks or more) and I'm afraid I would forget all the details from this fabulous weekend (though it was unforgettable, but you know me) so that's why I'm going to post about it now!

At first I'll tell you something about the background. Modelcamp was organized by Fresh Model Management, a growing Dutch modeling agency. Suzanne (an international model) and Mauro (photographer) are leading the company. Previous years Modelcamp was very expensive (not weird if you have to provide food, accommodation and activities for 50 girls) but this year it was free. Why? Because it was subsidized by international agencies like NY Models/L.A. Models and Nathalie Models (Paris) and L.A. Models. We all would have a casting for NY Models. Hundreds of girls signed in for the camp but only 40 made it to the selection. Awesome, right?

On Thursday I travelled to Putten, a small place on 'The Veluwe', alone. Of course all the girls were brought by their parents, but my parents thought it would be better if I'd go by train. I didn't really care, as long as I got there.

The place was beautiful! It was a sort of holiday park with big houses for groups. When I got there I was led to my bedroom, which I shared with around 13 other girls. It was the room for all the older girls. How odd, I am always one of the youngest girls, but suddenly I was with the 'oldies'! ;) There was one other big room and the other rooms were for two people, so they had their own shower and toilet. But no complaining, I was very happy with this opportunity! Our room was called 'Heidi', so after a little while thinking we found out it referred to Heidi Klum. Other rooms were called Chanel (Iman), Kate (Moss), Sasha (Pivovarova) and the other names I forgot.

The first evening we ate soup with bread, simple but good. Of course the food was very healthy because you have to take good care of your body when you're a model. After the dinner, we had to introduce ourselves in 1 minute, which is quite long when you have to talk about yourself. In the evening we played a game, called 'I love fashion' and we had to answer questions about models, photographers, designers, etc. It was awesome! It's really nice to have those girls around you with the same interests and dreams. Of course my friends from school know who Doutzen Kroes, Gisele Bundchen and Adriana Lima are, but I'm not sure they've heard from Freja Beha Erichsen, Karlie Kloss or Bambi Northwood-Blyth (more about her later!)

After the game we got some chips and cake (not really 'model'food, but we were only girls of the age 12-19 so we can't help we like cake). We didn't go to bed too late because everyone was really exhausted.

The next day we began with an intensive work-out by Marjolein, mother of Robin, a model at Fresh Model Management. Reminds me, I didn't tell you a lot of models of Fresh were also at the camp, to help Suzanne & Mauro with the cooking and cleaning. I definitely felt my abs after the work-out but I really enjoyed it! Early in the morning, sun on your faces and working out for a firm body. After the work-out we got some tips about nutrition because that's also very important.

After lunch we got a lot of really useful tips about posing. We also made a list of things we have to bring when we're going to a casting, shoot or agency. We could put the things we learned in practice because in the afternoon we were given the opportunity to shoot with 4 amazing photographers. This was so much fun! They were all really nice and helpful.

We also got a make-up workshop from Yudeska, a professional make-up artist and a magnificent woman, so we learned how to take good care of our skin, how to conceal your flaws and how to shape the bones in your face. In the end we got a head massage, that's one of the best feelings in the world (:

On Saturday we did an acting workshop and we had English class. During English class we watched a video about models, designers and photographers and afterwards we had to answer a few questions. I won the challenge, so I received a package with bodylotion and deodorant. I was very delighted! In the afternoon we did a challenge. We were divided in 10 groups. Each group had a leader (one of the Fresh girls) and each group had to pick a subject, like shoes, bag, watch, jewellery. We had to do a shoot and the best group would win. We had a lot of fun and it was good practice.

In the evening the two scouts of NY Models came by, so everyone had to look nice (simple dress or jeans and a top) and we practiced our walk. Everybody was extremely nervous because the winner would win a trip to NY and would be represented by NY Models. Once you are represented by them, you can be sure of a big carreer to come. Fortunately, the scouts were really friendly. I had to answer a couple of questions (like name, length, experience) and they made a few polaroids.

Once everyone had seen them, they went to talk to Suzanne & Mauro, so a few of the Fresh Models, like Maureen, Martine and Leontine, told us about their careers and especially working abroad. After a while Suzanne & Mauro came back and they pronounced the girls who had to be followed by Fresh (so that they could perhaps work for NY Models in the future) and the winner. Unfortunately, I didn't win anything. Of course I was a bit disappointed but I soon realized that this is only 1 agency, there are a lot more, so I still have lots of chances. Right? (: They chose for a lot of very young girls (around 14 years old) so that they could train them and they would be very experienced at the age of 18.

On our last day we had our fashion show. Stylist Yannick Kranstauber dressed all the girls (but he didn't dress me, my two outfits were approved!) and we practiced all morning for our runway walks.

At 3 o'clock all the parents were present and the show began. It was so much fun! We had to walk three times, two outfits and one final. After the show we all had to pack our stuff and make a quick group photo before we went home.

The days went by very fast and I had a great time. I learned a lot, met some fabulous girls and I hope that this experience can help me in the future.


  1. nee ben momenteel bureauloos, maar heb morgen een casting bij Beauty Model Management, dus ben benieuwd of dat gaat lukken, ook ivm met mijn iets te brede heupen..