Wild Young Minds: ''See you in another life Brother''

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

''See you in another life Brother''

Yes, I finished the total series of Lost last week.
Never expected it to be such a good show.

I still have to overthink my thought of the end, on one hand I find it very good, on the other hand it's a bit too 'happy end'.
But I'm not going to tell you anything, of course I expect you to go see it yourself.

And for thé question in Lost, which combination I prefer: Kate & Jack or Kate & Sawyer, I'd say: Kate & Sawyer.
Kate & Jack maybe fit the best together but Kate & Sawyer is just pure magic.

Isn't it? And of course I have to name Hurley (for he was the light in the show) and Ben (for he was the tension in the show, especially in season 2 and 3). Oh, and Desmond and Penny. I don't know, they were the most real, loved their story.

Damn, I feel bad to have finished it. I can't wait to see it again. It'll probably take me another year, since I'm not a frequent tv-watcher and I want to see lots of other shows too, like Sex & the City and Gossip Girl.
So maybe I'll do some marathons in the vacation, sounds like a great idea, right? (:

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  1. Just call me and we'll have a lost-marathon :D