Wild Young Minds: Paris vs. New York

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Paris vs. New York

Recently I saw this website about my two favourite cities. Of course you can guess the ones I'm talking about (if you cannot, consider testing whether you're sleepwalking or not, cause it's right there above your mouse in the search bar): Paris and New York of course!

It's very hard to choose between these phenomenal cities (though I have to admit that I love NY just a little bit more than Paris... but I love you too, Paris!) so the fabulous writer Vahram Muratyan has made a tally of the two cities. In each picture he compares Paris and New York.

I think this concept is very authentic, nice and above all very funny. I'm definitely going to order the book. Let me know what your final judgement is once you've taken a good look at the photos!

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