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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Florence + the Machine

I begin to think I really am the fortune's favourite (love how they say that in English) or a lucky devil (love this one even more) cause recently I won two tickets for an exclusive showcase of Florence + the Machine! I participated on a contest which I saw at and a few weeks later the tickets were in my mailbox.

As you'll understand, I was extremely happy but I have to say I didn't really know that many Florence + the Machine songs. Of course I knew 'Dog Days are over' and 'You've got the Love' but that was about it.

I mainly knew Florence Welch because I've read about her a lot in fashion magazines, she has an amazing style, she sang at a Chanel fashion show a few seasons ago in Paris and she's Blake Lively's best friend.

But don't get me wrong, I thought she had a wonderful voice and her music was pretty awesome as well. So yesterday me and a friend travelled all the way to Eindhoven (a town about 40 kilometres from the place where I live) and ate a delicious plate of pasta at a small restaurant before we headed to the concert.

The audience was very crazy about Florence. Girls with t-shirts that read 'Florence + the Machine' and screaming guys almost grabbing the stage. Quite obsessive, according to me, but I have to say the show was a real sensation.

The entire band looked really cool. The girl on the piano (kind of thing, don't know what it was exactly) was dressed in a long dress or skirt with edgy blond hair, there was a guy with a harp and a guitarist that looked like Ryan Gosling (I know!).

But when Florence Welch entered the stage everyone was blown away. She wore a beautiful long red dress and she was on bare feet. And then she began to sing. Though I, as I said, hardly knew a song, it sounded terrific. Florence's voice really has a wide range and I really loved the times that the music went low and then boom: it started again, very powerful.

How to describe her music? They call it indie pop and I can agree on that but it's mainly very magical. Especially with Florence's appearance. She looked like a doll (porcelain skin, red hair, very tall) but she was also a bit masculin. It could've been her features, but I think it suited her.

Unfortunately the show only lasted for an hour (a bit more around 75 minutes) but that probably was because it was a showcase. I found this show a wonderful way to spend my Valentine's Day and I have the feeling (though I don't understand, why would you wanna be in Eindhoven on Valentine's Day when you're Florence Welch) Florence felt the same way. She kept whispering 'Happy Valentine's Day' to the audience. Adorable yet so strong. Just like their music.

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