Wild Young Minds: Opening 'Blij dat ik Rij' 125 years of car advertising

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Opening 'Blij dat ik Rij' 125 years of car advertising

A few months ago I posted about the exhibition my dad was working on.
Now, about 2 months and a lot of hard work later, the result was finally there.
'Blij dat ik Rij' was going to open. It was really great to see all those advertisements in real, in the middle of the Louwman Museum (a museum in Den Haag which has an incredible amount of old cars - from about 1850 until now - but I'll show you a few later).

My dad speeched at the opening, next to the director of the museum and the director of the ANWB. They had a fabulous opening act planned. First we saw an old short movie about the Ford Edsel that featured stars like Frank Sinatra, Louis Armstrong and Bill Crosby. But something went wrong, the commercial played twice and what was supposed to happen, didn't happen. Later on we heard that a Ford Edsel was supposed to come up on the main stage with the model you see on the billboard and adds of the exhibition, in it.

She was an old lady - sorry, woman of noble birth. Yes, she belonged to the nobility. And she had once stayed at Frank Sinatra's place. Awesome, right?

After the opening we all got a glass of champagne and lots of snacks. As I had checked all my dad's texts, I already knew most of what I was going to see. But still, it was nice to walk over the exhibition and make photos. Apparently, there were some very important people in advertising, but I only knew the one I didn't photograph: Maarten Spanjer.

Later on, my brother, my dad's nephew and me went upstairs to see the car collection of the museum. Really marvellous but as I already said, I'll show you more later.

When we left, I grabbed a goodie bag of course, with the catalogue of 'Blij dat ik Rij' in it. Why did I want one so desperately? Because my name was in it! In the list of people who were thanked. One step closer to fame ;)

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