Wild Young Minds: Silver, strong and serene

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Silver, strong and serene

When there was light, there was grey
When things had faded, I was still there
Tortured by the sparkling of birds in the air
Quietness overwhelmed me, nothing to say

Make up your mind, my heart told me out loud
Wander in chaos, my mind forced me to do
A beautiful battle between black and blue
Between rosy and dark, like a threatening cloud

Where will it take me, when my body is gone
Left in the darkness, when all work is done
The forbidden fruit of paradise is beyond reach
There’s only one lesson life still has to teach

To be sincere and to follow your heart all the way
Until the sky will go purple and dismiss the grey
It made room for a flash of light with a golden bow
With one quick movement the world was covered in snow

Things will never be the same again starting tomorrow
Now I know there’s something that will watch over me
Through sadness, through storm and through sorrow
To light, to leaves and to the land where I’ll be free

Did I make you wonder who it was that I had seen?
I can never tell you but it was silver, strong and serene.

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