Wild Young Minds: Dreaming is what I did when I was just a kid

Friday, March 9, 2012

Dreaming is what I did when I was just a kid

Dreaming is what I did when I was young
Quietly murmuring the lines of a song
And though it seems like ages ago
The song is one thing I will always know
I can still recall every single line
A vivid mind, despite of all the wine

The song was about how one’s life would be
Ten years from then, as far as one could see
It told me about roses, romance and rain
About hotel rooms, soul food and champagne
It made me dream about this particular guy
O yes, that song shot me straight to the sky

Even when there was no music playing
I could hear exactly what the singer was saying
And every time something was said to me
I didn’t answer, I felt so utterly free

Maybe I was strange, maybe I was weird
But I remember that there was nothing I feared
Just things I longed for, to happen in the future
Now I’ve almost reached the age where I’ll be mature

So it has become time to go back to that song
I guess that’s the place where I belong
Dreaming is what I did when I was a kid
And it was the most sincere thing I ever did

By me.

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  1. Then, I would like to invite you to come dreaming too. It is actually pretty easy, reality doesn't limit your dreams, it just makes you think they can't happen them again. Doesn't mean they've become any less probable. Trust me ;)