Wild Young Minds: Holding tight

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Holding tight

Highways as far as I can see
Tiny little cars here beneath me
I close my eyes, I feel the breeze
I know that this is the moment I got to seize

Somehow it doesn’t quite work out right
Though it all seems like a picture perfect
The view, the weather, the height
I don’t want to see it fail, this was my project

Always yearning for the intoxicating feeling
Can’t search for it, it has to befall one
For it will overcome, start the process of healing
It will last for sixty seconds and then it will be gone

Maybe letting go is better than holding tight
Just leaving this building and secede from this roof
It won’t happen, not now, not tonight
But it’s like there’s something I need to proof

My longing for freedom suddenly lifts me up high
In the body of an eagle, mysteriously eyed
I fly away from this building, and face the sky
I feel no fear, no more ideas to which I’m tied

Highways as far as I can see
Apparently this was all I need to feel free

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  1. Very well written!! I really like it :)