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Thursday, October 4, 2012

A house is not a home

But I can say I've made mine feel like one. Perfectionistic as I am, it had to be exactly the right style, but chaotic as I am, there are lots of things that don't match but I kind of like it the way it is now anyway. I have seen a lot of inspiration photos of beautiful houses with lots of white, gold and brown and I tried to give my home a bit of this feeling as well and a few slights of myself of course. It became a retro, vintage (because of the fact almost all my furniture is antique) and cosy room, if I may say myself. With lots of books, records, photos and the presence of many legends. I hope you like it! And if you don't, well, everyone to his taste ;) 1) The push pin board I filled with many photos, concert tickets and train or plane tickets. 2) My antique desk, which is retractable. On it a lot of stuff (my desk is always filled with rubbish and things that look like rubbish, but that mean a lot to me) 3) My mirror and a few of my favourite cards. 4) My antique eastern style ottoman (great word!) which is meant for people to sit on but functions as a table to throw all my magazines on. 5) A part of my bookcase, as you can see, this isn't a book, but a beautiful bottle of rum with one of my favourite words 'liberté' on it. 6) Another part of my bookcase, with my favourite books (many biographies and classic novels) in it. 7) My door, which I painted gold and which I gave a wooden touch. Above it you see a map of America, with the route Jack Kerouac travelled in his book 'On the Road'. 8) My wonderful leopard bathrobe. 9) A scratch map I received from one of my friends. Every time you visited a country, you have to scratch it off and the gold turns to another colour. 10) My many wine glasses and the polaroids I've shown you before. 11) A few vintage cards, that show coffee, perfume and macaroons, a few of the most important things in life. 12) A cute sugar bag I received in Maastricht. Great font style! 13) My dog, that wanted to move to Amsterdam as well :)

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