Wild Young Minds: Peacekeepers

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Indians were they
And they were living a peaceful life
Until there was that one particularly day
When the Europeans decided to arrive

We all know how history turned out
A black page for everyone in the USA
And it doesn’t make anyone proud
But hear what the Indian girls have to say

akicita, mita kuye ayasin, hoka hey,
Were a few of the utterances I heard
I realized they thought I was the prey
And they made movements like they were a bird

But they both had a soft and slow voice
And they were busier with each other than with me
Suddenly they started making more noise
So I just decided to wait and see

They ran into the forest
And when they came back they looked all wild
This had to be some kind of quest
I felt like I was in a meeting where I was the only child

The Indian girls both had paint on their face
And fur around their bodies, which were so very fragile
They held each other in a warm embrace
And I stood at a distance all the while

Then they saw me and though it sounds strange
I felt there was a connection between us, some kind of band
Something changed in their face
They began to laugh and took my hand

We danced around the forest for two hours long
I was bare feet but it felt good in a way
They kept singing the most beautiful Indian song
Akcita, yes, peacekeepers were they

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