Wild Young Minds: National Glamour Day, breakfast with champagne

Monday, October 8, 2012

National Glamour Day, breakfast with champagne

Last September 27th, Dutch Glamour organized National Glamour Day, a half-yearly event, where every Glamour-owner can shop in participating stores with a 20% discount.

This year, they also organized a breakfast at Spui (place in central Amsterdam) next to the Esprit Café. Since we are now living in Amsterdam and we both love free food and fashion, Charlotte and I decided to join.

When we arrived at the place, it all looked very cute. Pink balloons, long tables filled with coffee and orange juice and models in adorable outfits handing out champagne.

Of course we also took a picture together, before we were handed out champagne and received a breakfast box, which was filled with a mozarella/tomato/pesto sandwich and a delicious brownie. Later that day, we got 2 extra boxes, apparently they had a lot left. We didn't mind!

Unfortunately I didn't buy a lot that day but maybe this was for the best, since a few days later, I went shopping with my friend from the South, Avalon, and we almost bought everything they have in the 9 straatjes (vintage area in Amsterdam).

I really hope for more of these kind of events to come. If so, you'll see the photos here!

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