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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Canvas Cotton Bags

They started as a useful and simple way for ecological conscious people to carry their groceries. Nowadays, canvas cotton bags are, beside still good for the environment, a fabulous fashion item. Many girls carry them on their shoulders whilst shopping or use them as a bag in which to put the books they need for college.

Especially the fact that the bags are a way to express yourself, is something that really appeals to me. I own three canvas cotton bags: one I bought at a concert of Will & The People, it shows their logo and on the other side it says: WEIRDO. Another I received at my favourite record store, it has a drawing of a record on it. And the other one was a gift from fashion designer Miriam de Waard, and it shows on of her designs. It's really beautiful.

But there are so many more bags I would love to have. That's why I wanted to devote a post to these bags. My personal favourite is the one that says: 'Think rich, look poor'. Hilarious but there's content to it as well. The one with Kate Moss on it, isn't really a canvas cotton bag in the way I described them up here, but it's just dazzling, thanks to the use of colours and Kate's gorgeous face.

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