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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Red Chanel Lipstick

Two weeks ago I did something for the very first time in my life. Though I've done those things very often lately (since I'm living on my own in Amsterdam for two months now) this particular thing was très speciale. No, I'm exaggerating, but I do think it was something every girl wishes for at a particular point in her life. I bought a Chanel lipstick!

Though I'm not really into brands (I hate Louis Vuitton bags for the fact you see immediately what brand it is) and I'm not at all into expensive brands (I do love some designers, of course!) cause I simply can't afford them, Chanel is an exception. The elegance of the brand Coco Chanel established, the luxury of the products, it's all so... perfect.

Anyway, the reason I bought this lipstick wasn't because I had too much money on my bank account (I wish I had) but because I received a 25 euro giftcard of The Bijenkorf (a department store in The Netherlands). I actually wanted to buy a lot of make-up from L'oréal, etc. but they don't have those brands at this store. So I decided if I have to buy an expensive product, why not buy Chanel? ;)

After wondering through the Chanel collection for half an hour my eye fell on the advertisement of the new christmas collection. The beautiful Polish model Jac Jagaciak looked very sophisticated wearing dark red lipstick and a gold/black sweater. Since I was looking for dark red lipstick for some time now, I figured this was meant to be.

Dark red lipstick is a real eye-catcher. More than regular red lipstick, which is more natural. But I love dark red lipstick for the edgy look it gives you. Especially if you have green eyes, it makes them really stand out. And in this time of the year, with a dark green jacket or knitted sweater, or something gold and black at Christmas, you look amazing, really ;)

The lipstick is available until the end of the year and afterwards it won't come back in another collection at all. After two days of consideration, I bought the lipstick eventually and god, how happy I am I did.

But the real question is: is the quality of Chanel really better than the quality of any other lipstick? I have to say, but that's also because this lipstick is really matted, that I don't think it's true. After a glass of milk or wine I have to redo my lipstick, and I didn't have to do that with my l'Oréal lipstick. But the colour is perfect, just like the package.

The moral of this story, don't buy a product because of the brand, but because you think it's a good product. I'm still very happy I bought this Chanel lipstick, because it was exactly what I was looking for. But if I didn't have the giftcard, I wouldn't have bought it, cause Maybelline or Rimmel also sells these kinds of products.

And the most important thing: like Coco Chanel said so herself, 'Elegance does not consist in putting on a new dress' and the same applies to lipstick. Elegance is something you create yourself, though a dark red lipstick can definitely help.

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  1. I'm no lipstick expert, but I fully agree with your advice!