Wild Young Minds: Macy Gray presents Stevie Wonder's 'Talking Book'

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Macy Gray presents Stevie Wonder's 'Talking Book'

One of my favourite artists ever, Stevie Wonder, once made a great album, which he called 'Talking Book'. It included songs like 'Superstition', 'You are the Sunshine of my Life' and 'You've got it Bad Girl'. One of my other favourite artists, Macy Gray, decided to cover the entire album and make her own version of it. This was almost 40 years later. It was the first album that was fully covered ever (like Macy said so herself, lots of movies are remade, boobies are remade, etc.) and Macy Gray actually did a great job.

Last Friday, me and my friend Ramai went to see Macy in Melkweg, Amsterdam. Macy would give a concert honouring Stevie Wonder, so we expected she'd only play Stevie's songs. No problem, if you ask me, cause Stevie Wonder is a true legend. The opposite was true. Macy Gray only played a few of Stevie's songs, like 'Tuesday Heartbreak' (I love her version of this one!) and 'You and I'. The rest of the show was dedicated completely to her own songs. Which wasn't that bad, cause Macy has some amazing songs and Ramai and I knew all of them, but I was a bit disappointed she didn't even play 'Superstition'.

Macy and her band gave a marvellous show though. Very loose, no strict playlist and it all seemed very unplanned. The members of her L.A. based band all played an important part in the show. The two big momma's/background singers, both had amazing voices. One of them performed 'Have yourself a merry little Christmas' and the other one a more unknown song. They had an amazing attitude, which was shown even better when they wore two awesome Macy Gray hoodies and big black sunglasses.

Macy looked amazing herself as well. As always, at least the two times I've seen her before, she changes her outfits several times. She started in a beautiful over-the-top pink glitter dress, with a pink boa. Later on she wore a long red dress, which wasn't very special. And she had saved the best outfit for last, a gigantic black dress with lots of tule. She is pretty tall already, but while wearing this dress, she looked a bit unreal. In a good way though. A woman that definitely commands respect.

Her voice wasn't always that brilliant but she really knew how to threw a good party in the Melkweg. Unfortunately it wasn't really a dedication to Stevie Wonder, but when you're in such a vibe, who cares? Macy Gray also tought us a few lessons, on the day the earth DIDN'T break down and only a few days before Christmas. She told us she and her band had discussed the best things in life. Some of them voted for love, some of them voted for sex (including Macy) and some of them voted for money. But they came to the conclusion the best thing in life is freedom. Freedom to say and do whatever you want. This gave me a bit of a glow, since freedom is so very important to me. Which you'll find out in a few days ;)

Anyway, Macy Gray is the leading lady in giving inspiring concerts and to come to my conclusion, if you want to experience a true Stevie Wonder moment, listen to 'Talking Book' performed by himself, but also take time to listen to 'Tuesday Heartbreak' cause Macy Gray really outshined Stevie on this one.

By the way, sorry for the horrible quality of the photos (first one is by Bart Heemskerk), but I somehow managed to forget my camera. Student life is taking its toll on me ;)

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