Wild Young Minds: ''She doesn't explain, she doesn't complain''

Sunday, December 9, 2012

''She doesn't explain, she doesn't complain''

A true role model and style influence and one of the most frequently shown models on my blog. Scandal or no scandal, scheme or no scheme, Kate Moss will always deliver, pure and beautiful photos.

Last Wednesday, me and my parents celebrated the Dutch holiday Saint Nicholas' Eve. As always, we bought way too many gifts for each other (you will never hear me complain!) and I received the most fabulous things. Many chocolates, a bottle of Amaretto, christmas decoration, running trousers, Zara l'OriƩntal perfume, a big James Dean painting, a cute Volkswagen hippie bus and the newest Vanity Fair.

The latter contained a very inspiration, vintage style editorial with Kate Moss as star. The shoot was accompanied by a elaborate interview with the model, in which she talks about her relationship with Johnny Depp (best couple ever!), being a mother and the many controversial sparks of her career. Definitely an amazing gift, Saint Nicholas really knows how to make me happy!

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