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Sunday, October 10, 2010

The King of Soul †

This mornings my dad told me about the dead of Solomon Burke. No way! God, what a huge lost for the music world. He passed away at Schiphol.

He was supposed to perform in the Netherlands with the Dutch band 'De Dijk' in Paradiso on October 12. I was actually considering going to the concert, cause Solomon Burke was a gigantic talent (literally and figurative, but it turned out the concert was sold out in no time. I feel really sorry for the people who were going..

By many critics Solomon Burke was called 'The King of Soul'. You may think that title belongs to James Brown, but he is 'The Godfather of Soul'. Don't ask me about the difference, cause I've got no idea. But fact is that Solomon Burke had some amazing songs, like 'Flesh and Blood', 'Soul Searchin', 'Cry to Me' and 'Everybody needs somebody to love'.

Solomon Burke was 70. His roots were in gospel. He sang in a church in Philadelphia, his hometown. Later on, when he signed at Atlantic Records, he started mixing R&B with gospel and that became the basis of soul music. He made many covers (like 'Proud Mary') but other bands also covered his songs (like The Stones, Wilson Pickett and many more).
In 2002 he had a comeback. He made a new album 'Don't give up on me' and wrote songs with artists as Bob Dylan, Van Morisson and Tom Waits.

Solomon Burke was the head of a enormous family. He had 21 children, 90 grandchildren and 20 grand grandchildren. I mean, wow!

The cause of his dead is unknown, but as we all know, Solomon Burke was a gigantic man. I used to joke he would carry all his 21 children in his stomach, but alright, this is not the right moment to say something like that ;) It was also the reason he gave his performances sitting.

May you rest in peace, Solomon Burke. A soul legend has gone and will never come back. But his songs will live on forever and we won't give up on him.

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  1. Flesh and Blood is one of my favourites!
    I'll never forget his personality and especially his music!