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Monday, December 20, 2010

Gouden Loeki

It costed me stress, frustration and patience. And as you may know, I possess only little of the last element. It took me 4 hours to get from Den Bosch (the city where I live) to Amsterdam. Thank god I left early (around 3 o'clock) because it was horror at the station.
Due to the extreme winter weather the trains weren't leaving on time and on top of that, the NS also planned work on the trail.

It was very crowded in the train and we stopped at places I didn't even know they existed. At Amsterdaam Muiderpoort (only a few kilometres from Amsterdam Central Station) the train just stopped. We were in a traffic jam. We stood still for more than an hour. I was standing (all the seats were taken) on high heels (but very pretty, wedges, I'll show you a picture asap!) and I felt like the saddest girl on earth! ;)

What kept me from crying and upsetting was the fact that everybody felt the same. Everyone felt powerless and stressed because they all had somewhere to go to! Well, at 7 o'clock the train finally moved again and I arrived at Amsterdam Central Station.

My dad and I hurried to the Passenger Terminal where the broadcast of the 'Gouden Loeki' was held. The place looked amazing - exactly like those clubs you see in the movies (or Sex and the City). Very stylish and everyone was socializing. All those advertising people look a bit the same - the men are stylish with big glasses and they look very creative and almost every woman was blond and well-spoken. With glittery dresses. The dresscode was creative black tie.

There was food and wine, mojito's and great music. That was for the afterparty.

The program itself was great. The commercial 'Pietertje' of the famous peanutbutter Calvé won the price. I was satisfied - I voted for that one.

After the show I asked my dad to make some pictures and he urged me to go to the winner of the 'Gouden Loeki' to ask if I could hold the price. He found it very nice so it shows you should always take the step and don't hold back ;)

It had been a long day and my dad and I went to our hotel - in the middle of Amsterdam - magnificent!

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