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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Lou sait quoi

Ines de la Fressange devoted an entire book to it: the Parisian chic look. Honestly, I think that 'je ne sais quoi' look is something you're born with. You can't create it very easily, at least not everyone. The French model Lou Doillon definitely has it, and she's the perfect example of being born with it, since her mother is the famous singer Jane Birkin, queen of the effortless French look. Though I love Jane Birkin's look, I like her daughter's better, because her look is wilder, darker and more mysterious. Yes, Lou Doillon is une grande inspiration in the fashion world but she's more than fashion; she also acts and sings and does all this in her own way: very alternative and atypical.

Lou Doillon was born in 1982 as the daughter of beforementioned Jane Birkin and director Jacques Doillon. After her long relationship with Serge Gainsbourg (which lasted from 1968 until 1980), she met Doillon and 2 years later she gave birth to Lou. Jane and Jacques divorced again in 1990. Lou started acting when she was 8, and she played her first role as her mother's daughter in the film 'Kung-Fu Master'. Her father helped her as well, by casting her in one of his movies. Since then Lou has played in many European films, most of which French.

Lou started making music in 2006; she sings, she writes the lyrics and she plays guitar. Quite a multifunctional talent! Unexpectedly, she sings in English. I haven't heard all of her songs yet, but the first EP is pretty promising. She has one son and lives in New York now.

To me, Lou is one of those girls you see very often on blogs and in magazines, but of whom you have no idea what she does. Well, now I know and I'm definitely gonna check her films out. Her style is magnificent: big hats, long skirts, many rings. All elements that make up a wonderful look, if you ask me! Add a continuous cigarette to that and a glass of red wine (see photo) and you've got yourself a tough yet chic lady. Moreover, I adore her tattoos. At least two of them: the name of her son, Marlowe, on her right arm and a salamander on her lower back. The last one is the word 'Sam's' on her wrist, which is the name of her ex-boyfriend. Not a very clever decision, but on the other hand, we only live once and shouldn't regret too many of the things we do in our youth. What a deep thought for a tuesday morning. Anyway, I'm sure we're gonna hear more of Lou and definitely are gonna see more of her. Starting now.

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