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Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Somehow, this time of the year is always a very personal time. It's a time when we look back on the things we've achieved the previous year, a time when we are critical about things that didn't go so well and a time to look forward to the next year, which is about to begin (more about this last point in my next post!). Anyway, year after year I feel I'm very positive about the previous year, as if I'm saying: 'Wauw, look what I achieved!' And: 'Yeah, this was such a good year!' Most of the time, I'm not lying. A year is a long period and you are able to achieve many positive things. For instance my second year of interrailing. Though it was only a month, I experienced so many great things, met so many new people and learned so much about myself. The second year of living on my own has taught me a great deal about myself, my friends and family as well.

But never only look at the bright side (I'm not being a pessimist here, just realistic as I always explain it!) and also be critical. This part I'd like to discuss in my next post, since that will consist of new year's resolutions. In a way resolutions are a perfect way to express criticism about yourself, be it subtle. To come back to this post, it will be a bit more positive (yes, it's never too late) and look back to a year of travels, concerts and drinks. And lots of writing, working and loving (yes, really) of course. So let's imagine we already have our glasses of champagne in our hands and propose a toast (yes, on myself, something everybody should do! On themselves I mean, though on myself is fine as well; the more toasts, the better!)
Here's to 2013:

- the year in which I finally got my tattoo. My 'freedom' tattoo, of which I sometimes forget it exists but still, the word runs through my life like a wire (I know, this expression probably doesn't exist, but I like it anyway) and is also closely related to my new motto: 'Only regret the things you don't do'.

- the year in which I travelled through Eastern-Europe (Berlin, Prague, Krakow, Bratislava, Budapest, Belgrade, Zagreb, Bled, Ljubljana and Munich) with my backpack and my best buddy Aaf.

- the year in which I made lots and lots of short trips, to Barcelona, to Koln, to Barcelona again and to Berlin.

- the year in which I started working in the most famous and most crowded lunch place in Amsterdam: Singel 404.

- the year in which I gave colour to my love for men with beards ;)

- the year in which I went to see my greatest hero Bob Dylan (though my love for Tom Waits has risen sharply as well), Kanye West, Valerie June, Edward Sharpe, De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig, Santana, Prince, Lianne Lahavas, AlunaGeorge, James Blake and many, many more.

- the year in which I also wrote about them for one of my courses: writing critics. Besides this course I also had great fun in a debating course, speech writing course and world literature course.

- the year in which I had many fabulous parties and festivals with my roomies, among others, in Amsterdam.

- the year in which I kept on doing modeling work, though not as often as the years before. I still love doing it, but it's harder to make time for it and I feel I have to make choices, which means filtering the good shoots and shows.

- the year I had the most glamorous, glittering and magnificent NYE of all. At least that's what I hope! I'm actually staying at home, in this student house, but on a different floor. I think it's going to be amazing, there's champagne (which my bosses gave me as a Christmas present at work), there's music and there's freedom. That's what counts. Enjoy yours!

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