Wild Young Minds: Money is a mighty addiction

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Money is a mighty addiction

What we own determines our worth
Gives meaning to one's luxurious life
And sets our position on this earth
A common goal for which we strive

The more we have, the more we need
Money is a mighty addiction for everyone
It may provide power to those who lead
Yet chains are created and freedom is gone

For what you own will end up owning you
Materials turn out to be ties around your neck
But you have to realize this in order to cut through
The more you desire, the easier your insight will lack

So never place too much importance on objects
Vulnerable and dependent is what you will become
Happiness is not a guaranty that money projects
Greed is a filthy feeling you need to run away from

Travel light and you will find out that what I say is true
Only bring necessities for you will probably lose a lot
And that will only make you feel miserable and blue
Though worth is not determined by what we got

I don’t intend to say that love is the most important thing
Since that word is now empty and the power will go away
But freedom is a word I will always be able to sing
And it will be achieved by these simple words I needed to say

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