Wild Young Minds: Different People

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Different People

Here's a great poem of a very good friend of me (the one who I always go to concerts with, we went to Alicia Keys, North Sea Jazz, Mundial) and he doesn't only have the best music taste, he also writes wonderful poems.

This is Different People by Ramai Beyeler:

There are different people all over the place,
doing their own stuff on YouTube, facebook and my space.
Not aware of what's going on outside.
Just watching television not realizing that someone died.
Irritating themselves about the noise of nature wouldn't be pure.
Claim being wise, friendly, loving and above all mature.

Complaining and hating that's what it's all about,
I ain't got enough money, my hair is a mess!
Please people just be quiet and confess.
You don't know anything about human race.
People shouting at us cause of our black face.

People are afraid of having their own opinion,
we only want to fit in.
But what about Obama, Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King?
They weren't afraid of doing their own thing!
They fought for a change and did everything for you
despite of all the pain and misery they've been through.

Why can't we change?

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