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Monday, September 13, 2010


Hi everyone,

I'm back from Trier, since Friday already.
It's been a nice week. Yes, I'm saying nice, cause it wasn't fantastic.
There were times when I was so damn bored, can't remember that I've ever been that bored.

It was very good for my German though, I could write this whole post in German, but that wouldn't make you happy and to be honest, it wouldn't make me that happy either ;) One night, a girl with who I shared the hotel room came in and I was talking in my sleep in German. At first, why do I talk in my sleep? And second, German?? My German definitely improved then ;)

Anyway, there were four groups: the newspaper, radio, tv and the internet.
The main thema of the week was 'Crossing borders' and you could see it close to yourself or in general; crossing landborders, for example in Europe.
I was with the newspaper and that was fine, but the group with who I was working, existed of 8 Germans, 2 Rumaniens and me and the 8 Germans were with the school paper together, so they were used to each other and sometimes that was a bit hard for me. Especially when we had to work on an article with three people and the others were German. So you could say it would've been more fun if I had chosen tv or radio.
Because and I wouldn't be sitting behind the computer the entire time and I would've learned something new. Like filming and cutting so that the result was a real video. But unfortunately, I didn't.

The good part was that I wasn't working till 5.30 in the morning on Friday, like some others were. I got to sleep :)

The group existed of Rumanien, French, Dutch, German and Polish people. They were all very nice! Some were definitely not my kind of people but no one was really horrible. I got them all on Facebook now.

The program was really lousy. Other years they went to the ZDF (German TV), the theatre and all stuff like that, but this time we only made one trip in Trier, went to a shopping centre and interviewed the editor-in-chief of the Trierischer newspaper. Other things we could do were an interview with someone at a floodgate, going to a pizza fabric or to a nuclear power station. How dull..

The city Trier is beautiful. Typical German, with those cosy colourful houses, a monument the Porta Nigra (build in the time of the Romans), big churches and the building were the H&M was settled was lovely, a pink building. I went shopping with my German teacher on Friday, it was very nice, she's crazy, but in a good way.

So that was my story! The international part was very nice, definitely an experience I'll remember, but the program was miserable.

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