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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

It's all about assurance and attitude

Watched BNTM last night?

I was incredibly happy Renee didn't win, just as almost every BNTM watching person in the Benelux, I guess. I can't help it, she felt so good about herself.

The show was very fake, I have to say. Daphne Deckers, I really can't stand her, was acting, as always, very phoney. Janice Dickinson was quite funny actually, the way she came up, but the first thing she said sounded as if she practised every line by heart. Though Daphne Deckers mentioned three times that she has a bitchy imago, I would've loved it if she was even more gross. I still found her quite polite actually.

Anyway, the whole show was too bloated, I think. Rene Froger, So you think you can dance, Xander de Buisonje.. why, tell me, why?

I planned the outcome exactly the way it happened. First Marjolein, who is a sweet girl, but not really a model in my opinion, would go home. Secondly Alix because, though everybody loves her (including me) she was very young and not confident enough yet. When they met Nigel Barker (noted fashion photographer and judge of ANTM ;)), she couldn't even introduce herself. When he asked her to tell something about herself and what made her special, she answered: 'I really don't know!'. Dumb dumb dumb. I liked her best though ;)

And then the last elimination: Renee or Melissa? Though Renee is a gorgeous girl and you have admit she really looks like a model, she has a terrible additude. Somehow I expected she wasn't going to win anyway.

I think Melissa deserved to win. She acted professional but stood up for herself throughout the season. Till they went to Aruba she hadn't gone on vacation for 8 years cause they had no money. Well I hope she'll face a succesful career in the modelling industry (: She's got the looks, length and mentality.

As for me, I would've loved to be in the finals. Chance of 0,001% I would've be there but look at the things they've done. Went to Aruba, L.A., Antwerp, Paris, etc. Had the chance to meet Heidi Klum, Janice Dickinson, Nigel Barker. Did amazing challenges, walked shows and did shoots.

I might give it a shot next year again... You never know.

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