Wild Young Minds: Like a Gypsy

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Like a Gypsy

Spinning thoughts circling through my mind
The world is described as beautiful and pure
And yet there’s so much I still have to find
Several things left unsure

Inspiration is what leads the way
Through this circling tornado of feelings
One quick thought and nothing more to say
I have to go, farewell to the ceilings

Eventually, one must stand on her own
Like a gypsy, I’ll take the step and flow
She comes and goes, like a rolling stone
After the silence comes a drastic row

Sweet soul music is all that I hear
All of a sudden it becomes clear
Take the step and have no fear
Goodbye my darling, goodbye my dear

Written by me.


  1. I truely love it!
    It's really nice to read poems of others :)
    I read the poem with on the background some music of Marvin Gaye - Let's get it on.


  2. wooow, Bente!