Wild Young Minds: Oh oh oh oh oh oh Valentino!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Oh oh oh oh oh oh Valentino!

This girl may sound like she's voting fashion designers (referring to 'Valentino' and 'Choo Choo' but it's exactly pure soul that she sings.

Diane Birch is not only an inspiring fashion icon (I love her hats, pony and cross necklaces), she's also a marvelous singer-songwriter.

She was born in Michigan where a father was a Priester. He took his family to a lot of countries where they lived, like South Africa, Zimbabwe and Australia. When she was 10, they went back to the USA.

Diane Birch was brought up with classical music, her parents didn't approve the music she liked.

The most amazing thing happened to her when she moved to Los Angeles and worked there as a pianist at the Beverly Hotel. Prince heard her perform and invited her over to his place to jam with him and his band. At the same time, Diane Birch was noticed on MySpace and moved to London to write her album.

Her debut album, Bible Belt, was written completely by her, the words but also the music. 'Nothing but a Miracle' is my favourite, it's marvelous.
All songs on 'Bible Belt' are about her life. For example 'Fools' which is about her time in L.A., 'Magic View' is about her arrival in New York. 'Don't wait up' is about her goth period when she was a teenager. Which her father disapproved of course. 'Valentino' is an ode to her childhood imaginary friend who she says resembled Amadeus Mozart. Darling, isn't it?

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