Wild Young Minds: Tamara Drewe

Monday, November 15, 2010

Tamara Drewe

Set in a tiny village in Dorset, England where the only thing worth mentioning is the success of a novelist who cheats on his life who owns their farm. What good can come of that, you may think. Well, everything seems to stay like that - including cuddling cows and fruit-eating writers. Till one day Tamara Drewe shows up in her hometown.

Tamara Drewe (Gemma Arteron, known as the bond girl in Quantum of Solace) is a young journalist with legs that don't seem to end, a corrected nose, a desire to become famous and a talent to break hearts. Her return to the peaceful country village where her mother used to live, has a shock to the inhabitants as a result. The succesful novelist, a frustated old student, a rockstar, a village boy (with a damn attractive body), everyone falls for her.

Everyone has a secret crush on everyone, from fifteen year old girls to fifty year old men. Right, that suggests a wrong idea, but there not falling for each other, don't worry. Anyway, this movie is phenomenal, it's based on a graphic and it's very hilarious. The role of the two fifteen year old girls is the most comical, you have to see it to understand what I'm talking about. The casting of the rockstar (Dominic Cooper, you might known him of Mamma Mia) is quite strange, I didn't think the part really fit him.

As with almost every movie I love, the ending is a big surprise and it makes you like the movie even more. Some producers already have trouble with a regular book, a graphic novel seems to cost a whole lot more, but this producer has completed his mission. Tamara Drewe is absurd, crazy but very winsome.

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