Wild Young Minds: Congratulations to my daddy!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Congratulations to my daddy!

My dad, my aunt and my grandfather (isn't his hair extremely cool) drinking beer (right?) at one of their holidays.

My grandfather, aunt and dad on holiday (probably in Germany, the native country of my grandfather).

And again my grandfather, aunt and dad.

The amount of beer they drunk ;)

My dad playing chess.

My aunt on the left, my grandmother on the right and some other woman in the middle. This picture really gives me the sixties feeling.

I loooove this picture, it looks very nonchalant but still, my dadlooks in the camera. And my grandfather tries to ;)

Their fabulous car.

My grandparents.

My aunt and my grandmother, looking as if they just walked out of the Grease set.