Wild Young Minds: LOWLANDS PART III: Saturday

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Second day at Lowlands, still the same atmosphere (or even better) and we are in for more bands and inspiration.

But, first things first, we decided to go crazy at the statues of Ben & Jerry, so that the B&J crew could take some pictures of us. What do you think? ;)

This day we saw 'Young the Giant', an indierockband which was insignificant. They had the same sound as at least hundred other indierockbands. So Avalon and I went to 'Will & the People'.

On our way to this band, we were approached by a girl with a huge Canon, who asked if she could take a picture of us. We were very surprised, so after what felt like five minutes we stumbled: 'Uh yes.. sure'. It was for 'streetstyle' at the site StijlTV or Styletoday (I didn't understood it very well) so we were quite contented.

On top of that, we also got a lot of discount on the fruit salads (we paid 2,50 for two salads in stead of 12,50 for two salads) because two of our friends worked at the stand of LaPlace. Awesome, right?

'Will and the People' was definitely the best performance we saw at Lowlands. Three young British guys, the lead singer was really charismatic. The way he laughed, the way he sang, the way he entertained the audience. Their music was a mix of pop and rock with a lot of reggae influences. They sounded like a British white guy variant of Bob Marley and the Wailers. Especially when they sang 'Lion in the Morning Sun'.

Talking about Bob Marley, his son Stephen Marley was the next performance we saw. A chubby rasta guy gave us reggae like we all know it. Relaxing, and entertaining. The audience especially loved his dad's classic 'Everything is gonna be alright'.

In between Will and the People and Stephen Marley we also saw Mayer Hawthorne & the County, a soul band from the USA. It was funky music and we loved it. The band was totally black besides Mayer Hawthorne himself, a white guy. Might sound unimportant, but it was an exceptional sight. Refreshing.

On to the next great artist: Selah Sue. It was the third time I would be seeing her and I was really looking forward to it. I can dream all her songs, and her live performances always turn out to be superb. This was no exception. The only downside was that she did the exact same repertoire again: the same order of songs, the same cover (Lauryn Hill's 'Lost ones') and the same outfit. But she still managed to rock the stage.

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