Wild Young Minds: LOWLANDS PART II: Friday

Monday, August 22, 2011


At 1 o'clock in the morning tens of thousands of fashionable (not all of them of course but you know what I mean) people made their way to the festival site at Lowlands. The program was about to start.

After a good cup of coffee from our favourite Douwe Egberts store, Avalon and I went to see 'Fitz and the Tantrums' first. In the program book, we read that it was a swinging band with a Motown and southern soul sound. Of course I was dying to see it. And it really met my expectations. What a hell of a good band as a starter. The lead singer was a extravagant man with hair like a Dalmatier and he was joined by a black soul woman. Yes, we loved it.

The same day, 'De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig', a famous Dutch rap band, was performing. I had seen the trio already at a festival in my hometown five years ago, but this time the audience went crazy. We were standing quite far away, so my photos aren't amazing, but the atmosphere was really good.

Meanwhile, we were a bit hungry so we made a walk over the festival site (which was huge, not only music podia, but also cabaret, art, a cinema and lots and lots of eating stands). We decided to try the kitchen of Suriname. I ordered moksi alesi (a bit like nasi) and bakkeljauw. I had no idea what it was, but I wanted to know, so I found out. It was real salt and dry fish, a bit like tuna but much stronger. I didn't like it very much ;)

With loaded stomaches we went to 'Noah and the Whale', a British indie band, I knew from the song '5 years time', which is a nice and sunny song. The band turned out to be really good and Avalon and I both felt for the green eyes of the lead singer Noah. How adorable.

In between two concerts (I don't remember which ones) we made a trip over the site and we were overjoyed by a discovery. One of our favourite vintage stores 'Episode' also had a stand at Lowlands! We were thrilled with excitement and immediately bought clothes. I bought a green blouse and a red bandana.

After our short shopping trip we went to see the 'Fleet Foxes' who were very, very boring.

The headliner of the day, and maybe of the entire festival, were the Arctic Monkeys. To be honest, I had never listened to many of their songs, so when Avalon was really excited to see 'Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroos', a hippe/indiefolk band, I came along (: They were terrific! The audience went wild and I had to watch out for my bag because we all jumped like we were 5-year old children. Wonderful.

Late at night we danced on electroswing and techno for a while before we went back to our tent to sleep.

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