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Monday, August 29, 2011

Some Like it Hot

It was the first time I saw Marilyn Monroe in a film, Billy Wilder's 'Some Like it Hot' it was. I always saw Miss Monroe as a gigantic super star, and of course she is, she comes off very approachable, almost childish, like she's a little girl that needs a lot of confirmation. But it'll probably the part she played in the humorous'Some Like it Hot'.

This comedy is about two men (Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon) who live in Chicago (it's the end of the twenties) and they earn their money by making music. The only problem is: there's only demand for women in big bands. When Joe and Jerry are suddenly part of a murder crime (they're witnesses), they have to run and hide. So they dress like two women, named Josephine (Joe) and Daphne (Jerry), and give themselves up for a ladies orchestra. They get in and after a long journey to Florida, they almost feel comfortable being a lady. They meet Sugar Kane (Marilyn Monroe) in the train, who plays the ukelele and sings. Sugar is sick of men and drinks a lot.

Daphne gets a lot of attention from the miljonairs in the public at their performances, especially Osgood Fielding III. At the same time, Josephine tries to seduce Sugar by disguising as a man again, as a very rich man indeed. Sugar falls for him immediately, especially for his power and money, though she doesn't realises that herself.

Of course, Joe & Jerry get into a lot of trouble because the criminals who were looking for them all along, find out they're in Florida and dresses like women. This leads to a hilarious chase scene.

The story is brilliant and the way Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon act as two ladies (you can see they're men obviously) is just splendid. Marilyn Monroe is adorable as Sugar Kane and for me, this has set the tone for watching more old classics. Not only Audrey Hepburn, but also Marilyn Monroe. And who knows, Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon.

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