Wild Young Minds: LOWLANDS PART I

Monday, August 22, 2011


I've proven myself this weekend, as I went from camping dummy to, well let's not say expert, but someone who can take care of herself at a camping. Who would've thought that?

Because I already bought tickets for Lowlands, the Dutch festival which was sold out in a few hours, in January, I had to remind myself constantly I was going there. The last week before the festival everything had to be taken care of. We didn't have a tent, we didn't know when to go (because 55.000 people were expected, so the roads would be full of traffic jams), we didn't know what to bring. Gradually, we figured out how to do it, we would go on Thursday morning, to make sure we had a good spot for our tents at the camping.

The plan was to go with three girls, but in the end another friend was able to buy a ticket (they were back in sale for a couple of hours) and so there were four of us. Very practical, because we would be able to go separate ways if we wanted to see different artists. Anyway, two friends couldn't make it on Thursday morning, so me and another friend went before them. But we had to bring all the stuff (four bags per person) and as you may know, my shoulders are not that strong, so it was pretty tough. On top of that, we had to wait for 1,5 hours until we could go on the camping site, so we were exhausted when we got there.

The place was already very crowded so we got ourselves a little spot for the two tents. Right at the moment I wanted to build up my tent, it began to rain and thunder. Thank god two women who were staying next to us, threw a canvas over our bags, so our stuff was safe. But the tents weren't, and we weren't either. I have to add, I've never done any real camping. It's not like we went on very luxurious vacations, but my parents prefered to stay in an apartment or hotel. So I'm not that specialised in camping and I have never liked it either. Finally, the rain stopped, so we could build up our tents and enjoy our ready-made salads.

The night that followed, I slept in a wet tent, my clothes were all wet as well and it was freezing cold. The festival better had to be good. But of course, it was. It was really awesome. No doubt about it.

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