Wild Young Minds: ROADTRIP PART II

Friday, August 17, 2012


What are you looking at?
1) Our first red wine in France, in Lyon to be exact
2) Lyon is said to be the most culinary city of France. And I believe that right away, this was our best meal. De-li-ci-ous.
3) Avalon's order: Magret de canard aux raisins du chili et miel
4) My order: Saumon aux escargots et au pesto
5) Having dinner
6) Big parc in Lyon, beautiful weather and atmosphere
7) Lyon by night
8) Hotel Dieu, fabulous building
9) The lovely and cosy city of Bern
10) Ramai, who we visited in Switzerland, and I photographing the famous bears in Bern (Bern comes from bear, did you know that? You didn't, did you?)
11) Eternal snow on the mountains
12) Painting of Miles Davis on the wall at Ramai's dad's
13) View from Ramai's house
14) Random lunch: carrot cake, baguette and macarons (though the last was a present for Ramai and his dad)
15) Ramai's dad teaching Avalon things about the history of Bern
16) Awesome record store in Bern
17) One of the bears in Bern
18) Fabrique de chocolat
19) Marvelous sight
20) Ramai and his dad saying goodbye as we left for Milano and Florence

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