Wild Young Minds: ROADTRIP PART VI

Friday, August 24, 2012


What are you looking at?
1) Me drinking a cocktail (can't remember which one it was precisely, may have something to do with the fact we tried a different cocktail everytime, but I do remember it tasted amazing) at our local bar 'Hobo's'
2) We didn't take a lot of photos while we were in Rimini, because we went out (almost) every night, so I didn't take my camera with me and we were so stupid to forget to make photos (in Budapest as well! shame on us!) every time we had a lovely time. We met a couple of nice Danish girls with whom we drank cocktails as well, but we forgot to take photos... Anyway, this is a photo of our hostel room, which we shared with Danish and Swiss girls.
3) Our hostel. The quality is not so good but you get the idea.
4) The trip from Rimini to Ljubljana. What a disaster. We missed two trains, the bus we could take was full twice, so we felt pretty hopeless. Which resulted in me having a difficult moment. Finally we did make it to Ljubljana (three hours later than the original plan was) and thank god we found a good hostel to sleep in. Unfortunately, we had to skip Zagreb because otherwise we wouldn't have enough time in Budapest (best decision we made the entire month!) and we didn't have time to see the sights of Ljubljana either. Travelling isn't always fun.
5) But at least the drinks in this road café in Nova Gorica were extremely cheap. 80 cents for a glass of wine. That's what we love (:
6) The border of Slovenia and Italy.
7) A tiny and cute station in Slovenia.
8) Statue in Slovenia.
9) Making photos in the hostel in Ljubljana, where we also experienced a fabulous midnight music session.
10) On our way from Ljubljana to Budapest. Extremely hot and long day, but the trip was really fun actually.
11) A photo of us on the road, made by an adorable Korean guy in our compartiment.

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