Wild Young Minds: ROADTRIP PART IV

Sunday, August 19, 2012


What are you looking at?
1) A wonderful newspaper stand in Rome.
2) The parliament of Rome, what a powerful building.
3) Aaf and I drinking coffee at a lovely coffee bar. One tip: always order an american coffee when you want a regular coffee (like we know in The Netherlands) cause in Italy people see an espresso as a regular coffee so that can always be an unwanted surprise.
4) My first pizza in Italy. It tasted delicious but that also could've been because we really needed it: we were exhausted, hungry and had just arrived at a camping more than 30 kilometres from the city centre of Rome. So the 2 days we had before us, would be 2 days of lots of travelling and walking.
5) Avalon and I at the Colosseum.
6) Me waiting for a caricature being made. The lady who sketched us was wonderful, she kept laughing very hard. I'm not sure if she laughed about us or about her painting skills but it wasn't very hard to laugh for the caricature that way :)
7) The caricature itself. What do you think?
8) Avalon and I at the Spanish Steps, where we spent almost an entire afternoon. I really love the ambiance over there.
9) Pasta Carbonara.
10) The interior of the Pantheon. God, it was beautiful over there. As I said to Avalon: 'If I was a fashion designer, I'd definitely use the Pantheon as an inspiration for one of my collections, it's so inspiring: the colours, the shapes, the light, etc.' But of course I am and never will be a fashion designer ;)
11) My fabulous bag at the Colosseum.
12) A lovely sight at the Colosseum.
13) Avalon and I having fun over there.
14) Always crowded.
15) Me with the legendary Caesar.
16) A beautiful sight of the Spanish Steps.
17) Our great friend Massimo from Napoli.
18) Avalon and I at the Trevi Fountain, of course we also threw a coin in the water. Though we're not sure we'd like to come back to Italy right away, cause of the fine of 50 euros we received, the pushy and arrogant Italians and the fact that we had to pay so much money extra for the international trains. Fortunately, the cities were beautiful and we had a great time anyway.
19) Many scooters in Rome, though we didn't see that many vespas.
20) Authentic streets in the centre of Rome.
21) Me with my delicious ice cream: coconut, watermelon and dark chocolate.

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