Wild Young Minds: ROADTRIP PART I

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Exactly a month ago we left Holland to start travelling.
Many trains, 13 cities and 8 countries later, we're back home.
The one place we definitely don't want to be.
We want to go back, explore the world and meet even more new people.
God, how much you see on the road, how much you experience, how much you live.
Now I understand what Jack Kerouac was talking about while writing 'On the Road', cause the road really is life.
We went from hmmmmkaaay, to hippies, to hoboes (the number of hobo's we met on our trip, you can't imagine) to hipsters (that's what we believe) after we made a short stop in our favourite store Urban Outfitters and camped there.
No idea how we managed to make it through the month, two girls both having only one backpack and way too little space for our clothes.
But we made it. Great relief but also a little sad of course.
Before I start getting really melancholic, let's start the photo trip. Have fun.

What are you looking at?

1) Our first coffees on the road, in a city we know very well: Antwerp
2) The farewell committee in home town Den Bosch
3) Great picture in the fitting room in the Hippie Market in Paris.
4) Classic sight
5) Croissants and macarons at Ladurée
6) Avalon and me with our big friend
7) Vera and Avalon
8) Drinking cocktails during happy hour
9) The Sacre Coeur
10) Lovely village Montmartre
11) Hippie Market
12) Once again Montmartre
13) Music in the streets of Montmartre
14) See 12
15) Me in front of Ladurée

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