Wild Young Minds: The Hague

Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Hague

I went to the 'Tweede Kamer' in The Hague today, where the government deliberates, etc. It was quite nice actually!

Bought myself a Ray Charles record on a vintage market over there, I had another record in my hand as well (My fair lady) with the greatest Audrey Hepburn cover, but I didn't have enought money. I thought about switching them, because I wanted the Ray Charles record and the Audrey Hepburn cover, but I didn't do it after all. I'm such a pussy xD

We had a BBQ back at school which was nice but I was exhausted. Now I'm back home, relieved from the feeling I don't have to do ANYthing anymore, and that just feels great! I've got a really busy schedule this weekend, but that's just my life, I guess. I like it, though. Party, North Sea, North Sea, another party and LONDON, BABY!

Weird the year's over, though. Some things worked out quite another way I'd expected. Know myself a bit better now, and that feels good but also kind of hard. I'm not gonna bore you with this stuff, let's enjoy the summer with lots of fun, cocktails, shopping, sun, music, pictures and magazines. It's gonna be amazing.

Lots of Love, Bente

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