Wild Young Minds: The Dutch Dream has ended...

Monday, July 12, 2010

The Dutch Dream has ended...

It wasn't meant to be this way.. but Spain (bloody Spain) won the finals and left us behind. A game with too many yellow cards and Robben who missed several chanches.

I'm very proud of Holland, though. You did your very best and that's all that's possible. Every player worked very, very hard and stood their ground untill the 115th minute. You deserved to win the finals for godsake, one time. But in four years another chanche! I'm extremely happy they made it to the finals, after all, and it's a shame we didn't get that cup.

I have to say I had one of the best nights after the game (how is that possible, you may think, since most of the people were feeling awful, I guess), I got to see STEVIE WONDER! He was absolutely amazing, he rocked the Nile at North Sea. The 60-year old Stevie performed as if he didn't get older at all. But I'mma tell you more about North Sea in a while!

I've got too much to tell you about (particularly North Sea saturday and sunday, and then mainly Waylon, Rox, Macy Gray, Al Green, Joss Stone, Quincy Jones and Stevie Wonder of course) and too less time. And I didn't have much sleep friday, saturday and sunday, respectively slept from 3 till 9, 6 till 2 and yesterday from 3.30 till 10.30 this morning. As you all understand I'm very tired now and I've got a heavy night this evening as well (birthday of a friend) and then wednesday to London. But life is gooood! (:

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