Tuesday, July 20, 2010


But what else did you expect?
I've never been so sad to be home again.
The past six days were amazing, if I tell you the whole story, I won't be finished untill I'm going to Barcelona, so that's not gonna happen, but I'll definitely post some pictures, cause it was freakin awesome!

I went with Avalon and my dad, who had to do research in the library and archive, while we did some damn good shopping! We went shopping the entire thursday and friday morning. We also went to two markets, one on Portobello Road with jewelery from ages ago (twenties) and one was a bit Oriental. We bought clothes at Mango, Zara, H&M, Bershka, but also at Urban Outfitters, Topshop and Primark. Especially Urban Outfitters was amazing, it's definitely the best store I've ever been! Unfortunately, it's a bit too expensive for me.

I was in love with the short on this photo, but it was 28 pounds, which is about 50 euros, and that was a bit too much, I thought. Though, Avalon did buy it! So at least I can look at it :)
We've bought lots of clothes and I'm so happy with them, can't wait to show you pictures!

We also saw the Big Ben of course, the Tower Bridge, Trafalgar Square (with the lions) and Westminster Abbey.

And OMG, we went to the Lion King! It was the first musical I've been to, and it was absolutely fabulous! The little kids who played Simba and Nala were fantastic, and the costumes were incredibly well made. Elephants, lions, zions, unbelievable. I loved it!

We went to Notting Hill, a lovely colourful village and to Brixton, a village a la Bob Marley. Of course we visited Harrods and we behaved typical Dutch over there, we bought two things, but didn't even spend more than 5 pounds. One tiny chocolate bar and a DVD for 3 pounds. We spent an afternoon in Hyde Park, it was lovely weather so that was perfect! We also wanted to go to Abbey Road, to the most famous level-crossing in the world (you know, from the LP of the Beatles), but unfortunately we were lost -.-

What else did we do? Oh right, we went to Piccadilly Circus (London's Times Square but then ten times smaller) London's party circuit. A painter made us a caricature, it's hilarious! We ate in Brick Lane one night, the students village. We visited a record store, I felt totally at home over there :) and we made pictures in a photo booth, I've never had pictures so good! I don't know how, but the machine made our lips look like we were Brigitte Bardot or someone.

We saw a lot, shopped a lot and laughed a lot. We know the entire underground system and wanted to stay for like, another week, even though we had a tiny hotel room, and the people in the hotel weren't that friendly, the receptioniste looked like a vampire. But whatever, London is so extremely cool and lively, I had a great time!


  1. Great story! I believe you liked it over there ;) Now Barcelona can't do better than London, can it? I hope you also have a great time there, with the two other members of your family :)

  2. "Of course we visited Harrods and we behaved typical Dutch over there, we bought two things, but didn't even spend more than 5 pounds"
    haha geweldig :P