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Monday, July 5, 2010

One day to go!

And then it's finally freedom, vacation. Tomorrow two tests: economics and English. Today only French, so that's doable. Oui oui, je t'aime. Or something like that.
Regardless, today it's my friend Avalon's birthday, she's turning 16 - as the last of all of us - but still, congratulations to my little friend! I'm going to watch soccer over there. Tonight: Netherlands - Uruguay. We've got to win. We're so extremely close to the finals. I couldn't believe what I saw last friday. We beated Brasil! I mean... come on... Brasil was number 1 at the FIFA list. But we beated them - ooh yes we did (:
Tomorrow I'm going to celebrate the summer with a cocktail on terrace with my girls somewhere in town. Doing some shopping (though I shouldn't buy too much, only a week to go until London - and wow, am I gonna spend a lot there. I've saved 400 euros in 2 months. I might spend it all. And I'm also going to watch a movie I think - since I haven't done that in, like, several months. Dirty Dancing I think. I'm not sure yet, maybe I watch some more episodes of SATC.

Enjoy your day, lovers!

Lots of love, Bente

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