Wild Young Minds: The North Sea Jazz Story Part 2

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The North Sea Jazz Story Part 2

Fortunately, I slept well that night. Woke up around 12 o'clock. Had breakfast, put the photos on the internet and grabbed my stuff for day two (or actually day three, but we didn't go on friday). This time I went with my dad and mom.
I actually planned to go with my dad (it was a present), but because the next message my mom came along. 11 july were the day of the WK finals, and yes Holland made it to the finals! Thank god they changed the program, cause at the beginning Joss Stone would perform during the show, but they moved her to 6 o'clock so we could see the game on a big screen anyway. What they didn't think about was: the trains weren't driving that night, so not until 12.30 in the night. And Stevie Wonder would end around 1. And my dad can't drive ;) So we had to buy an extra ticket for my mom, though she doesn't even likes the music that much. It was fun she joined us during the WK finals, though (:

Anyway, we went by car and that was a whole lot easier. Costed us one hour in stead of four hours -.- We arrived there around 5 o'clock.

I hurried to see Quincy Jones, who didn't perform, but he was the winner of the Paul Acket Award. We saw a wonderful movie, he worked with so many great artists! Was the producer of Michael Jackson, worked with Ray Charles, Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, etc, etc. And then he gave a speech and was interviewed. He was very nice!

I didn't see the entire interview cause I wanted a good spot at Joss Stone's concert. O MY GOD, she rocked! I've seen her once already, last year, but then I didn't know all of her songs, and now I did. She has this hippie soul feeling, I love it. She was wearing a purple dress and a 'peace' necklace. I've got the exact same outfit, very funny! And she was laughing and playing with the audience, she was amazing! I especially liked 'Parallel Lines' and 'Right to be Wrong'. It was so crowded, I was standing behind this freak who was jumping so half of the time I couldn't make pictures, very annoying. And then I left he said 'Goodbye, I see you around!' (he was English) and I was like: Uh, no way, sycko.

Then we went to eat something and I bought two cards: Bob Dylan and Tina Turner. I wanted to buy a huge poster, but they were all bought.

We watched the football game, and I don't want to talk about it ;)

Finally we went to see Stevie Wonder! It was extremely crowded but my dad and I made it to the tenth row or something. The 60-year old blind man (who is also born on 13th of May, just as I am) sang marvelous! He really had us there (: The first songs he performed weren't very famous, but very good. And he also did 'Superstition', 'I wish', 'Uptight' and 'Isn't she Lovely'. The reviews were very good, and I totally agree!

Around 1 o'clock the show ended and North Sea Jazz 2010 was over. It was amazing, one of the best weekends of my life! And I don't exaggerate.

Next year again, can't wait for the program!

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