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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I can't stand the rain

Man, I hate the Dutch weather!
It is horrible.
I was supposed to go to Amsterdam for two days with my mum, we wanted to go sunday and monday, but as you understand, that didn't happen.
And why not? Because it was raining all the time, the wind was very hard and it was very, very cold.

So we decided to do a 'Lentetour' yesterday.
You can travel by train the whole day for 40 euros and it doesn't mather where you're going. It's unlimited.

So we went to Leiden first, we made a boattrip and it was fun, it was the only thing we could do because the weather was so horrible. It was frrrrrrreeezzing out there.
And then we went to Rotterdam, to do some shopping!

Rotterdam is the second Amsterdam of course, you've got shops as Primark (where we didn't go this time), New Look, River Island, Episode, American Apparel, Adidas Original Store, etc.

But actually, it was a disappointment.Especially the River Island, I couldn't find anything even worth to fit.But eventually, I bought a shirt at New Look, kinda Carine Roitfeld-a like. Green with those shoulderpads on it, I love it!I also bought a striped shirt at the H&M (also fine). It's blue, but the only picture I could find was this red one, so you've got to imagine it is blue.

And I bought sunglasses at New Look (they're actually black)So it wasn't an amazing result, but whatever, I've got to save money for London, Barcelona and moreee.

In 5 days Alicia Keys and in one and a half week it's my birthday!

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