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Sunday, May 23, 2010

I'm a keeper

I'd like to inform you about my lifeee.
I signed in for the Fancy Model Search, and last tuesday I received a mail which said I'm one of the 300 that accomplished the next round. Out of thousands of girls. Yeaaah! Let's hope I'll reach the next round, because out of these 300 girls 100 are picked to come to the casting day, so I'm really hoping I'm on of those girls!

And yesterday I had a casting for a fashion show for the HKU in Utrecht, for the girls that study fashion. They took pictures of me, they measured my sizes and I had to walk a few times. They were very enthousiast! There were more girls that wanted to photographe me, and one girl (she was really nice) said about me: 'She totally fits with us! She's a keeper! So I was very happy about that. I also had to fit some oufits a girl made, it was very fashion, I loved it! It's for 99% sure I'm gonna walk that show. And I'll miss one or two school days, but I don't worry about that! Not at all, hihi :)

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