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Friday, May 21, 2010

Sweet Sixteen

Wow, that took a long time..
Before I finally blog something about my birthday (8 days ago). I'm sorry, but I really wasn't looking forward to put those pictures on my computer. Don't know why, but I really hate to do that :)
Anyway, my birthday was an amazing day! When I woke up I had a delicious breakfast (croissant with cheese and a biscuit with strawberries) and my lovely parents gave me my presents. A day to relax, including massage, pedicure and facial. And a coupon for the cinema. I got dressed (pink wide shirt, skinny jeans and my highest heels), watched some Gossip Girl, listened to my records and waited till my grandpa and grandma were coming.
When they came I had a piece of pie, strawberry curd. Jammmmmmmmie. And we were chatting and stuff, and then suddenly the bel rang. Four of my best friends were standing there with a chocolatepie (and a little candle that said 16!) I was very surprised! I invited them inside, but they said I had to look around first. So I went outside and we live in front of a roundabout. They put papers with photos of me and 'Bente 16!' on every traffic sign. So cool! It was very sweet of them.
So we chatted all morning and around 13 o'clock they left, as my grandpa and grandma did. Then we (me, my mom and my dad) went to a record market, and I bought a couple of fine records! Stevie Wonder, the Beatles (love them in summer), Madonna and Motown. They were all for, like, 1,50 per record. We drove to the station to pick up my brother. Guess what he bought me! Two American magazines (OMG, I love America and I love magazines): ELLE and VOGUE. Yeaaaaah.
Later that day my aunt came for dinner. I chose what we were gonna eat. And drink. We had rosé, white wine, Mojito's and Campari. We started with some sushi (how stylish) followed by gamba's. The main meal was puffed potatoes with tzatziki, chicken wings and salad. And as dessert Ben & Jerry's. Mmmmmmmm, that sure tasted good!

In the evening my little friend Avalonnie stayed over and the only thing we did was talking and laughing and talking and laughing, etc. And she got me a I(L)Roma shirt (cause she went to Rome in the vacation and I didn't.

Other presents I got were: Lancome mascara and the delicious parfum 'Daisy' by Marc Jacobs. O MY GOD, I love that one!
And now I'm sixteen! And my Sweet Sixteen has officialy ended. For over a week. Ssssssshhhht :P

Lots of Love, Bente

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